A Screenplay Inspired by True Events

Go for the Five

1912 London.
A time of disruption, of transition.

Horseless carriages were replacing the horse-drawn, shutting down many equine businesses.

Women were waking up to their political potential and demanding the right to vote through the suffrage movement.

It was still a man’s world in many respects, with women kept in their place by sidesaddles, corsets, and the like. Things were not much different in the world of sports.

Millie Parker was a headstrong and talented teenage rider whose rise to the top was propelled by an Olympic dream. Then she bumped into the male-dominated sports establishment and was brought up short. Women? Riding? In the Olympics? Get serious.

What happens next is the surprising climax of “Go for the Five,” a fictitious feature film screenplay written by Tom Lough for his Writers Guild Foundation screenwriting fellowship project. 

Inspired by true events, Millie’s story rings true even today, as sports for women continue to evolve.

The script was awarded a workshop table read by the Writers Guild Foundation Veterans Writing Project.  For this table read, professional actors and a narrator delivered their lines authentically, allowing listeners to “see the movie” in their minds.

On a request basis, a Zoom video of the “Go for the Five” table read may be viewed online. Send a message with the form below to receive a link to the video and a password to unlock it for viewing. (The password is necessary to protect the rights of the participating actors.)

Thank you for your interest in “Go for the Five.”

Tom Lough

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